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We dream of a world where we can all produce the energy we need on our own from renewable energy sources. We are passionate the future of our country and the potential of solar energy. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring our world is habitable for future generations.

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Drastically Reduce Electricity Bills

A solar system can drastically reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills

Increased Property Value

Homes and commercial buildings fitted with solar energy systems generally have a higher price at valuation and sale.

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar energy systems generally have low maintenance costs due to a lack of moving parts. The main maintenance costs are a need to change the inverter roughly every 7-10 years, and the need to ensure the cables are maintained.

High Return on Investment

Solar systems have a great return on investment, with most systems paying for themselves through utility savings in 5 or 6 years. With systems often last 20+ years you will continue to reap the benefits well into the future!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Buildings account for roughly 40% of all carbon produced, and so installing a solar energy system is one way to contribute to reduced carbon levels.

Solar Works All Day

Technological innovations such as improved battery capacities mean that solar energy can be accessed all day long, even during rainy weather or on cloudy days.


Turkey’s geographical location and average annual sunshine duration of 2738 h, an average sunshine duration of 7.5 h per day [1] means that Turkey’s solar sector has great potential – estimated at 189 GWh/year in electricity production obtained from solar energy [2]. This is more than the potential estimated for countries such as Spain
Rooftop Solar Power System – this is the most obvious use of solar power in the home – you have solar panels on your roof, this is converted to AC energy, and you can sell your excess energy back to
19 Dec 2019

Solar Energy Basics

Solar energy is converted into electrical energy via photovoltaic energy systems. Photovoltaic energy systems are “clean” – they don’t emit greenhouse gases or burn fossil fuels, and they do not cause air pollution. Photovoltaic systems are quite simple and operate without moving parts which is one of the reasons that