Commercial Rooftop Solar Energy Systems

Commercial buildings consume high volumes of electricity, resulting in significant electricity bills. EG Group has helped countless businesses drastically reduce their electricity bills by installing and managing solar rooftop systems on their commercial buildings. Our turnkey solar energy systems can be found on car park rooftops, public buildings, farms and office buildings.

With payback periods of around 7 years, and a system life of approximately 25 years, investment in a commercial rooftop solar system makes good business sense! You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and increase your “green” image as an organisation.

We can help you with obligation-free advice and information to help you explore your commercial solar rooftop system in the discovery phase of your project.

When you decide to proceed with your system, we will support you with system design, electricity company applications, navigation through approval processes, supply, commissioning and maintenance.

Contact us for obligation-free advice on how you can get started.