5 Uses for Solar Power in and Around Your Home

  1. Rooftop Solar Power System – this is the most obvious use of solar power in the home – you have solar panels on your roof, this is converted to AC energy, and you can sell your excess energy back to the grid.
  2. Solar Lights – save money by installing solar security lights or flood lights outside your home. Solar energy captured by the lights is stored in batteries which then power the lights at night.
  3. Solar Backpacks – a growing trend, a solar backpack captures the sun using a photovoltaic panel which then creates electricity that can be used to charge laptops, phones and other small appliances.  Check out this backpack from Voltaic to see what we mean.
  4. Solar Swimming Pool Heating – a collector harnesses the sunlight and convert into.. The water is then drawn through the collector and voila your pool water is heated! Offering relatively short payback periods, this is definitely something to consider for your pool.
  5. Solar Generators – you never need be caught out in an electricity cut again if you have a solar generator. Solar panels to capture the sun’s energy and then convert this into electrical power which is stored in a battery and the accessed later via an inverter. Even better, there is no need to buy fuel!