Residential Solar Systems



In Turkey, there is an abundance of sunlight and advanced solar technology available to harness solar energy and convert it to electricity.

The most common type of residential solar system is an on-grid solar system or a hybrid solar system which gives you the ability to get credit for any electricity you feed back into the grid. You also have the peace of mind of a battery backup, meaning that even during power blackouts and bad storms you will always have electricity. Systems are most commonly installed on rooftops or if you have a large area of land, on the ground.

Off-grid residential solar systems are those that are not connected to the electricity grid, and therefore require battery storage. The design of an off-grid system is critical to make sure you have the right type of solar panels and enough battery storage to meet your energy requirements all your round. We will work with you to assess your usage – either through analysis of your daily wattage and peak electricity usage from your electricity bills. In some instances, a more accurate usage pattern might need to be determined via energy meters.

Other domestic solutions available are carport solar systems or solar lighting for outside your building.

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