Rooftop Solar System

Rooftop solar systems are simple to install – all that is required is a solar panel mounted on your rooftop, an inverter placed inside your home, cabling and bidirectional counter installation. We have established thousands of rooftop solar energy systems, and expertise means that we will install your rooftop solar system without damage to your roof or house.

When you install your rooftop system, we will help you with:

• Choosing the most appropriate system

• Electricity company applications

• Approval processes and paperwork.

Key Considerations During Installation of Your House Rooftop Solar Energy System

The area where your rooftop solar panel is to be placed is critical. Rooftops often contain narrow areas, and other structures on the roof can throw shade onto the rooftop. For this reason a detailed examination of your home and rooftop is critical to ensure your rooftop solar system is installed in a place that will reap maximum benefit for you.

Monocrystalline panels are the preferred type of panel as deliver the maximum results in terms of strength and xx.

The type of inverter is also important when installing a rooftop solar energy system. An inverter with specifications which reap maximum efficiency and return on investment is critical. Optimizer systems can also be preferred in rooftop of house solar energy applications for high efficiency and safety.

Level of experience of the team installing your rooftop solar system is another key consideration. Rooftops are extremely sensitive, and mistakes can affect insulation and weatherproofing of your house. For this reasons, we make sure that we use only experienced staff to install our rooftop solar systems.

Post-installation Service – we don’t walk away from you after your system is installed. We will continue to work with you on remote monitoring of your system, maintenance and repair, and ensuring that electricity company billing is correct.

EG Energy group will work with you to ensure that all of these issues are managed before, during and after your rooftop solar system installation process.